Lebanese Chicken Kabab

So, I am back after a long hiatus!! dealing with a personal challenge, and trying to settle down in a new city, I did not realise I had left this space blank for… Continue reading

Misti Doi (Sweet Yogurt)

Being a Bengali, Misti Doi has been one of our favorite delicacies, usually craved after a sumptuous Sunday meal, mainly consisting of Kosha Mangsho ( goat meat in thick gravy) and Bhaat (… Continue reading

Chocolate Cake

My dear daughter was craving chocolate cake this evening! She wanted the cake real fast and it needed to be yummy as well. So the supermom in me got together to cook up… Continue reading

Red chilli pickle

We moved to Hyderabad last month, and I have not been regular with my posts! new city, new routines, new lifestyles, all of them have kept me quite busy. A few days back… Continue reading

Orange salad with red wine dressing

Winter is just the right time for citrus fruits and there’s nothing like adding them into your salads. I am not that fond of salads, it’s a little difficult for me to eat… Continue reading

Cucumber Dosa (pancake)

Saturday morning calls for some interesting breakfast. A few days back I came across cucumber dosa, on Mayuri’s kitchen, a page on facebook. Cucumber is usually eaten raw either in salads or in… Continue reading

Homemade Granola Bars

Granola bars are rich in protein, fiber and minerals and is one of the best sources of energy when had before and after workouts. Bars that we get in the market are not only expensive… Continue reading

It’s All About Sugar !!

I have this constant battle with Sugar!! I am sure most of us do. Most of us love desserts that are made refined sugar – yummy but high in calories. Though “Sweet” it… Continue reading

Vegetable Smoothie

I recently went on a detox diet, after excessive food and sweets I had during the festive season. Detox diet calls for no cooked food for 3 days! no non-veg food and preferably… Continue reading

Balanced Nutrition is the Key to Good Health!!