Caramel Custard without the Caramel.

Life is short. Eat dessert first! – Jacques Torres 🙂

Indeed! And I love desserts. At lunches or dinners with family and friends, I start with desserts, what if I have no space for them later.

Thus, the first post in this blog is dessert!

I was on south beach diet a couple of weeks ago. It is a diet wherein you need to have only proteins for 14 days. Desserts are the only thing that keeps me going and I was craving for caramel custard. I could not use sugar for caramel, hence I thought of “caramel custard without the caramel”…and I called it so and made it with sugar free….

Caramel Custard without the Caramel.


Skim Milk – 2 cups

Eggs – 3

Sugar free tablets – 5 (adjust according to taste)

Vanilla essence – 1tsp

Unsweetened cocoa powder – 1tsp


Boil the milk with sugar free tablets and vanilla essence and let it cool till lukewarm. Beat eggs and fold it in the lukewarm milk. Pour the contents in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 7 minutes on high. You can also bake it in the oven on a water bath at 180Oc for 15 minutes. Place the custard on a plate and dust it with cocoa powder.

Note: Do not add the eggs in boiling milk as the milk will cuddle. Sugar free tablets can be substituted by cane sugar, which is considered healthy.

The Above recipe serves 8 people, each serving consists of 56 calories