It’s All About Sugar !!

Sugar Statistics

I have this constant battle with Sugar!! I am sure most of us do. Most of us love desserts that are made refined sugar – yummy but high in calories. Though “Sweet” it is considered “Bad” for health . Cut down on “Sugar” is the first thing you get to hear when you want to loose weight! but I love sweets, what do I do….

I started using Sugar Supplements (Sugar free) very frequently in coffee, and also made desserts with sugar free. I soon adapted to the taste and I am ok with using it. Recent studies however have shown that sweeteners are not good and have side effects. After reading through various articles I discovered SugarFree Herbvia which is made of  “Stevia” a herbal plant – I have used it, it is herbal and has no side effects.

There are various companies coming up with Stevia! I used a pack of sugar free herbvia, but at present its out of stock, so I am using Lilovera drops!!

Sugar free Herbvia