Wit and Wisdom of Julia Child

Julia Child Quotes!!

Basil Brown Rice

  I love fried rice! made with white rice, veggies, chicken or eggs,  fried in oil definitely taste’s yummy but is certainly not healthy. I was wanting to have fried rice for a… Continue reading

Grilled Herb Chicken

I am strictly non – vegetarian (almost carnivorous) so chicken is an integral part of my healthy kitchen.  Chicken is a dieter’s treasure, rich in protein, low in calories and unless you’re eating… Continue reading

Chota Bheem Cake :-)

It was my dear daughter Taira‘s 4th birthday yesterday! Being 4 she is in love with this cartoon called “Chota Bheem“ (Bheem is a Indian mythological character from The Mahabharata). I decided to give her a surprise… Continue reading

Caramel Custard without the Caramel.

Life is short. Eat dessert first! – Jacques Torres 🙂 Indeed! And I love desserts. At lunches or dinners with family and friends, I start with desserts, what if I have no space… Continue reading